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Lesson Plans

Nurture students' creativity and passion for design with these ready made lesson plans.

Keep young designers  inspired with everyday materials and household objects.

Lesson Plan: Make your own crowdsourced wall

Find your favourite objects in your house and create your own Museum crowdsourced wall.

Lesson Plan: Redesign your own kitchen

Explore the ‘Frankfurt Kitchen’, the world’s first fitted kitchen made to fit the room perfectly. Download the activity sheet and complete the tasks. For GCSE and above.

Lesson Plan: How could you reuse some of your rubbish?

Watch Anna tell you about the ‘Gumdrop’ bin. How could you reuse some of your rubbish? For key stages 2 & 3.

Lesson Plan: Be the CEO of your own ethical and sustainable company

Watch our curator Maria talk about how manufacturing has changed over the years, then download an activity sheet for GCSE students and above.

Lesson Plan: Can you design a colour-changing object?

Draw your design and label it to show how it works. Colour in your design and share it with the Design Museum on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #DesignFromHome.

Lesson Plan: Make your own Wiggle Side Chair

Watch the Design Museum film about the Wiggle Chair and learn more about this strange, unconventional design. For students of 7 years old and above.

Lesson Plan: Design your own environmentally friendly packaging

Watch Ohyo CEO Guy Jeremiah talk about the Ohyo bottle and ‘find a fountain’ app to find out how design can help combat plastic waste.

Lesson Plan: Can you redesign an object to make it easier to use?

Watch Grant Douglas and Mark Penver talk about the how the S’up spoon has changed eating forever. For all ages.

Lesson Plan: Make a poster during lockdown

Design a poster to give your ‘Hope’ message during lockdown. What do you hope for during or after lockdown?

Lesson Plan: Design a handheld device for generating electricity

Watch Henry James talk about the design story behind the solar light that saves lives. For all ages.

Lesson Plan: Redesign your kitchenware

Watch the Design Museum film about the Hot Bertaa Kettle and why it might be an impractical but eye catching design. For all ages.

Lesson Plan: Make a sleek and simple design

Watch fashion designer Paul Smith talk about the SK5 Phonosuper (the next version after the SK4) in the Design Museum film. For all ages.

Lesson Plan: Make your own way finding system

Road signs help everyone get around, whether you’re driving, on a bicycle or just walking. But who created them and why did they design them to look the way they do?

Lesson Plan: Design your own chair

What sort things would someone need during their day? What would the chair need to provide throughout the day?

Lesson Plan: Designing for age

What problems do the older members of your family face? How can you use your design skills to solve them?

Lesson Plan: Design as a personal identity

What does your hair say about you? Build a design exhibition of your identity.

Lesson Plan: Moving to Mars

On Mars you would spend most of your time in your Martian habitat… But what would that look like?

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