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Lesson Plan: Make your own crowdsourced wall

The Design Museum’s crowdsourced wall is a collection of objects nominated by its visitors. Maybe it's an object that they couldn’t get through their day without, that brings back certain memories or just something that makes them smile.

Watch curator Alex talk about the wall and then have a go at making your own.

To do

Find your favourite objects from around your home (remember to ask the permission of the owner) and lay them out neatly on a table. Take a photo and write a description for each.

Share a picture of your finished creation using #DesignFromHome and the Design Museum will repost the best walls!

Download the PDF to follow the lesson.

To read

British Road Sign

The school crossing sign can be found on the crowd sourced wall but what was life like before our modern system and why were they so revolutionary?

For younger readers – 10 years old+

Zaha Hadid

The Alessi Vase ‘Crevasse’ by Zaha Hadid features on the crowd sourced wall, but who was Zaha Hadid and where can you see her designs?

For older readers – 15 years old+

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