Key Stage 2 + 3 Free Activity

Lesson Plan: Can you design a colour-changing object?

When we think of a rainy day we often think about being sat inside and looking out at a grey world, or even worse, being soaked through. There’s not much fun to be had on a rainy day but Emma-Jayne Parkes wanted to use her design skills and a special type of ‘smart’ material to change that.

Watch Emma-Jayne tell you about Squid London’s colour changing umbrella.

Things to do

Have a look at the clothes that you wear when it’s raining. Maybe you have a big winter coat that you wear or even wellington boots. What do you notice about them? Are they made of thick, heavy materials? What colours are they? Are they fun?

Pick your favourite object and make it more fun or give it an extra function. For example, you could design a toothbrush that slowly changes colour from the heat of your hand. This would let you know how long you’ve been brushing your teeth for.

Draw your design and label it to show how it works. Colour in your design and share it with the Design Museum on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #DesignFromHome.

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