Learning at the museum

The Design Museum is a centre for design education in the twenty first century, harnessing the potential of design to tackle the challenges of today’s complex world from local to global.

What to expect

We offer a portfolio of experiential learning programmes predicated on relevance, problem-solving and applied creativity inviting learners to think and act like a designer.

A range of formats is offered from one-hour workshops to three-day courses in the Swarovski Foundation Centre for Learning.

Drawing inspiration from the museum’s exhibitions and displays, our workshops and courses are facilitated by a team of design educators and creative professionals for learners of all backgrounds, ages and interests.

Schools and Colleges

Spark your students' creativity with the potential of design to improve lives. Explore our exhibitions as a self-directed group, discover our workshops for schools or get involved in our annual competition for schools, Design Ventura.

Design Camps for children and young people

Our Design Camps are fun and engaging creative workshops suitable for children aged 8 – 11 and young people aged 11 – 14.

Ardagh Young Creatives

A vibrant programme to create pathways into design for young people who are currently underrepresented in the design and creative fields.

MA Curating Contemporary Design

Did you know that we offer a Master's programme in Curating Contemporary Design in partnership with Kingston University? Learn more about the course and how to apply.

Learning events

Our public programme brings together leading designers, thinkers and creative professionals to explore how design is shaping today’s complex world. Learn more about design and boost your creativity through a variety of talks, courses and workshops.

Learning supporters

Thank you to the following supporters of the Design Museum and its learning programme.

Swarovski Foundation Centre for Learning

The Swarovski Foundation Centre for Learning is an inspiring facility equipped to promote and support design education in the 21st Century.

Safeguarding Policy

This document sets out the Design Museum’s policy in relation to the welfare of all children and vulnerable adults visiting the museum.