Key Stage 3-5 Free Activity

Lesson Plan: Moving to Mars

Lockdown can feel very isolating as we stay inside our homes all day in order not to spread the virus but imagine that you’re among the first astronauts on Mars and this is your Martian habitat. You’ve landed on the red planet and you’re living in a habitat (a home) build by robots before you arrived.

You can only go out for very short amounts of time in a spacesuit to work on experiments in the Martian atmosphere before you have to shield away from harsh sunlight that is not soaked up by Mars’ thin atmosphere.

You’ll spend most of your time in your Martian habitat… But what will that look like?

Designer Xavier De Kestelier from design company HASSELL tried to answer that question.

Things to do

Illustrate your own Mars habitat design. You can even build a model if you like.

Share a picture of your finished illustration using #DesignFromHome and the Design Museum will repost the best creations!

To read

Moving to Mars exhibition

Children born today are the first who might witness a human mission to Mars in their lifetime. It’s one of humanity's great challenges and everything will need to be designed. But should we even be going?

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