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GCSE and above Free Activity

Lesson Plan: Redesign your own kitchen

We don’t often think about the way that our kitchen is designed but there was a time before the modern kitchen. Before the pioneering work of Margarete "Grete" Schütte-Lihotzky, kitchens would contain furniture such as dressers and chests of drawers, much like a bedroom... but in 1926 Grete changed everything.

Watch our curator Alex talk about the ‘Frankfurt Kitchen’, the world’s first fitted kitchen made to fit the room perfectly. Download the things to do PDF and follow it to complete the tasks.

Things to do

Have a go at redesigning your own kitchen using the learning from Margarete "Grete" Schütte-Lihotzky.

Share a picture of your finished illustration using #DesignFromHome and the Design Museum will repost the best creations!

To read

The Frankfurt Kitchen was a part of the social housing programme in Frankfurt, Germany which was known as the ‘New Frankfurt’ project. The housing was made of flats that were compact but with enough space to provide people with somewhere cheap to live. One design classic from the 60s which was given a facelift is the Park Hill Estate in Sheffield.

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