Key Stages 3-5 Free Activity

Lesson Plan: Design as a personal identity

Having your hair cut is something that can easily be taken for granted. Through many lockdowns, people have taken some drastic measures; from learning how to cut their own hair through to shaving it all off. But have you ever stopped to look at the hair that you cut off? Is it coloured with dye? Is it straight or curly? Can it be used for anything or is it just a waste material?

Designer Alix Bizet utilised waste hair to make a cultural statement. What does your hair say about you?

Things to do

What does the design in your home say about you? Build a design exhibition of your identity.

Share a picture of your finished Design Museum of your identity using #DesignFromHome and the Design Museum will repost the best creations!

To read

Q&A with Alix Bizet

The Design Museum speaks to the current designer in residence, Alix Bizet about her project 'Hair By Hood', her career so far and her design inspirations.

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