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Build the Future

Take on a three-day challenge, to build the future for the next generation.

What to expect

Experiment with architectural, interior and graphic design processes to develop 2D designs and turn them into 3D interactive spaces. Make your own rules, question current systems and respond to the needs of those that face living in the future.

Participants will get to compare the exhibitions, Designers in Residence 2018 and Home Futures before experimenting with a range of materials to build a new space of their own.

The final designs will be exhibited to friends and family to interact with at the end of day three. Whilst research, development and designs made throughout the workshop will build a project portfolio of work to take away.

Booking information

£150 per person

18–20 February 2019, 10.30–15.30 daily

Suitable for young people aged 12-16 year olds.

Please read the terms and conditions before booking.

When you book this event, you will receive a confirmation email with a form to fill out. Please fill out this form as soon as possible so that the museum can make your young person's experience safe and enjoyable


Dr Helga Schmid

Dr Helga Schmid is a London-based design researcher and experience and communication designer. Helga is currently a designer in residence at the museum and her project will be exploring the nature of temporality in relation to today's society.

Sophie Greenstreet

Sophie Greenstreet is a maker and educator, working with a range of museums and galleries. With a background in visual communication, Sophie delivers workshops which unpick processes, provoke play, pose questions and encourage creative collaboration between participants, practitioner and differing design disciplines.

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