Terms and Conditions: Young People's Programme Activities

By booking on to a Young People’s Programme activity you agree to the following:

It is the parent, guardian or carer’s responsibility to select suitable activities with their young person to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable time at the Design Museum. This includes paying careful attention to risk identification information and activity details.


On the day of the activity, participants must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the session, ensuring they bring with them all the correct booking information/printed ticketing as required. Participants must inform the ticketing desk of their arrival and then make their way up to the activity room as directed by staff. Parents/guardians/carers are welcome to drop-off and pick-up their young person for each activity and should inform the museum through the online submission form once booking has been completed. Doors will open 5 minutes before the start of every session. Please note that tickets are valid for use on the date and time selected at the point of booking. The Design Museum does not offer refunds or exchanges on tickets. On occasions, the museum may need to cancel activities due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens the Bookings Office will contact you as soon as possible, and offer alternatives where possible.

Health & Safety

Participants join activities at their own risk. All activities are risk assessed and delivered with due care and attention to safety. Staff will provide safety briefings at the start of activities and will require participants to take appropriate care as instructed by staff. Where appropriate protective equipment such as gloves or aprons will be provided. Please inform staff of any additional support participants may need to stay safe within activities. This should be done when making your booking online. Participants are responsible for their overall safety and wellbeing. Please be aware of our identified risks as stated below. Any specific risks involved in each session will be highlighted by the facilitator at the start of each activity.

Identified Risks:

IIt is the workshop leader’s role to make you aware of the potential risks of this workshop and to call one of the museums’ trained First Aiders if necessary. Potential risks include the following:

Injuries through use of:
• Craft knives
• Scissors
• Glue guns
• Small construction components
• Small or sharp tools
• Large or heavy modelling materials
• Specialist materials and equipment

Other potential risks:
• Coats and bags left on the floor
• Fire exits blocked during activities
• Participants leaving the premises without parental consent or notifying staff
• Fire alarm and exiting protocol

Please make sure you are aware of the location of the nearest fire exits, if you are unsure please ask a Design Museum staff member.

Photography and filming

Activity details will be photographed and images used to promote future museum programmes online and in print. On occasion there will be a professional photographer documenting activity and images of participants may be captured on film or still photography. On these occasions, the museum will seek written consent on the day from parents/guardians for permission to photograph participants. Photographs and film may be used by the Design Museum for Design Museum press and marketing purposes, and on the Design Museum website at www.designmuseum.org.

Museum in General

In galleries
Please remember the majority of objects on display cannot be touched (unless specified). Please do not use any wet material – sketching is encouraged but only with dry materials. Photography is allowed without flash.

In a workshop
A workshop cannot take place without the appropriate adult supervision. Please note that some workshops will require the use of scissors and the possibility of other sharp objects – please see the risk identification information for further information.

In the Common Room
Participants are welcome to use our lunch space during weekends.

Breaks and lunch times
Participants must remain within the museum premises during breaks and lunch time. Parents/guardians/carers must notify the museum during the bookings process to give consent for their young person to leave the premises unaccompanied during breaks and lunch times.

Arrival and departure from activities
Parents/guardians/carers must notify the museum during the bookings process to give consent for their young person to arrive and depart the premises unaccompanied, or provide details of the named adult who will drop-off and pick-up their young person.

The Design Museum staff can be identified by their uniform and ID badges should you require any assistance during your visit.