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Moving to Mars

Should we stay or should we go?

Following its blockbuster exhibition Stanley Kubrick, the Design Museum invites you to travel to Mars without leaving London – in a multi-sensory adventure for all ages.

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What to expect

Step into a full-scale Mars home, immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the landscape and learn how rethinking daily life for a zero-waste, clean energy-powered civilisation might help future generations on Earth.

Children born today are the first who might witness a human mission to Mars in their lifetime. It’s one of humanity's great challenges and everything will need to be designed – but should we even be going?

The exhibition features immersive environments, about 200 objects including contributions from NASA, the European Space Agency and SpaceX; NASA's 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Challenge winners, AI SpaceFactory; robotic builders by Foster & Partners; the first sustainable urban design for Mars, Mars City Design, the first spacesuit designed for the Mars surface; Christopher Raeburn's new fashion collection inspired by Mars and much more.

Age guidance 8+

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Your mission starts here

Everyone's invited to design life on Mars

British astronaut Tim Peake, designers, scientists and influencers invite you to engage at each stage and design for the next generation.

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Visit a full-scale Mars home by HASSELL

Mars habitat by HASSELL in partnership with Eckersley O’Callaghan (EOC). Part of NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge.

What will farming look like on Mars?

One of the major difficulties in colonising Mars is the fact that there is no form of life and very little water on the planet

Try on some Mars fashion - inspired by the scarcity of materials on Mars

Raeburn MARS Fall 2019 Collection x HASSELL x Design Museum

First map of the surface of Mars

Map by 18th-century Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli

How much food would you need to bring on the journey?

NASA. Skylab crew, 1973

Meet the Mars rovers

European Space Agency, ExoMars. Copyright: Airbus Defence and Space, 2014

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Martian home

Background artwork by Empire Design