School Workshops For key stages 3, 4 and 5

Digital Schools Programme 2021-2022

Drawing on the 'Waste Age: What can design do?' exhibition and accompanying handling collection, these creative, design-led workshops will teach students how to become better informed consumers and more responsible future designers.

What to expect

The Digital Schools Programme 2021-2022 will bring to life the impact of waste and showcase a new approach across the production of food, fashion, electronics and construction which focuses on the circular economy and reduction of waste.

The programme supports cross-curricular learning with a particular focus on Design and Technology, Science and Geography. It incorporates STEM subjects for Key Stage 3, as well as relevant KS4 and post-16 qualifications.

The workshops can be delivered at the Design Museum or remotely and are taught by the museum's experienced team of educators.

We also recommend booking a group visit to the accompanying exhibition, 'Waste Age: What can design do?'.


Learning outcomes

  • Observation and analysis

  • Product handling and evaluation

  • Discussion

  • Drawing

  • Responding to a design brief

Booking information


- One hour remote in-school workshop: £75

To book a in-school workshop please contact:



- One hour museum-based workshop: £150


Capacity for each workshop: 30 students

Supported by the Swarovski Foundation

The Swarovski Foundation’s mission is to support charitable initiatives and organisations working in three areas: fostering culture and creativity, promoting human empowerment and preserving the environment.

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Waste Age: What can design do?

We are living in the age of waste. Is design the answer to leaving our throwaway culture behind?

Background image: The Design Museum Archive