Self-guided visits Important information

Risk identification

Prior to booking a self-guided visit to the museum, please read through these risk identification guidelines.

Preliminary planning visit

Teachers and tutors are strongly recommended to visit the museum in advance of their visit. These guidelines are designed to help you complete your schools risk assessment. It is not designed to replace you own risk assessment.

In order to assist teachers and tutors with the completion of risk assessments for a group visit, the museum can confirm that it has the following documentation and arrangements for health and safety in place:

  • Health and safety policy (five or more employees)

  • COSHH Assessments

  • Risk assessments including premises and risks to visitors

  • Inspection, testing and maintenance of equipment

  • Health and safety training for employees (appropriate to any activities involved in the visit)

  • Fire and emergency procedures

  • First Aid

  • Accident reporting

  • Third Party Liability Insurance (a copy can be provided on request)

It is the responsibility of the teachers to supervise their students at all times. The following risk should be considered;

  • Slipping, tripping or falling in the external environment

  • Slipping, tripping or falling in the internal environment

  • Minor injuries such as cuts or bruises from equipment in the Swarovski Foundation Centre for Learning (i.e. tables, chairs, scissors)

  • Trapping fingers in doors

  • Getting lost

When visiting the Design Museum both the external and internal environment should be considered.

External environment

The Design Museum is located within Holland Park. Please check the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's website before planning any activities in the park.

Delivery vehicles will be in operation near the museum's entrance. Please follow instructions from the Design Museum security and staff.

The Design Museum does not have any allocated on site coach parking. Drop off and pick-ups will be from High Street Kensington.

Internal environment

The Design Museum is a public building with a number of floors and exhibition spaces. It is suggested that you create a meeting point, should any of your students become lost.


Groups must have the correct ratio of one teacher or tutor for ten students. The Design Museum reserves the right to refuse admission to groups who do not meet this ratio on the day. Teachers or tutors and supervising adults must remain with their students at all times. They are required to accompany students in the event of an evacuation.


Teachers, tutors and supervising adults are responsible for briefing their students on the expected level of behaviour. Behaviour that adversely affects the enjoyment or health and safety of other visitors or staff or causes any damage will not be tolerated; the student or students will be asked to leave immediately. Teachers and tutors should have a contingency plan in place in case anyone is asked to leave the building.

Fire and evacuation

Teachers, tutors and supervising adults should familiarise themselves with the museum's fire exits. Teachers, tutors and supervising adults are responsible for briefing their students on the importance of following the Fire Evacuation Procedure.

The museum has a full evacuation plan, which all members of staff are trained in. The museum tests the system on a regular basis. In the case of a fire or emergency evacuation please follow the instruction of staff. Staff are visible by their uniforms and high visibility fire warden jackets. Do not use the lift to exit the building. If a member of your group is in a wheelchair and/or is unable to use the stairs, refuge points are available throughout the building and a dedicated member of staff will be available to support the egress of the building.

First Aid

The Design Museum has staff trained in First Aid on site, however it is the responsibility of the lead teacher or tutor to administer first aid to students. Please do report any accidents to a member of staff.

Museum staff

All museum employees have passed security vetting and carry ID Cards with their photograph. Staff working directly with students are experienced and qualified to do so. All museum staff working with children and young people have undergone Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. The Design Museum has a Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults policy in place.


CCTV is in operation within the premises. Images are monitored and recorded to help ensure the safety of visitors and the exhibits. All staff operating CCTV are trained and licenced to do so. If you see anything suspicious please report it to a member of staff. Please do not leave bags unattended. If you see any unattended bags please report it to a member of staff. Do not touch any unattended items.

Get in touch

The Bookings Office can be contacted Monday to Friday (10:00 - 18:00) on +44 20 3862 5937 or +44 20 3862 5900 or contact via the online enquiry form.