Modular Land Rover for Mars

Land Rover’s renowned off-road expertise goes on a journey all the way to Mars in Alexey Andreev’s project.

What to expect

Created by Land Rover designer Alexey Andreev, the ‘Modular Land Rover for Mars’ demonstrates how Land Rover’s off-road expertise could be re-purposed to navigate the surface of the Red Planet.

Alexey’s Land Rover design has a modular system to equip it for the challenges ahead on a mission for future generations to explore the Red Planet.

This display follows a day in the life of the ‘Modular Land Rover for Mars’ as it embarks on a journey more than 200 million km from Earth. From using Land Rover’s towing ability to haul a heavy rocket nose, to engaging a 3D printing arm to test the Martian soil, the ‘Modular Land Rover for Mars’ assists with a number of key tasks to aid the Mars exploration.

Land Rover’s mission is to help make more out of our world – and will perhaps one day be part of the ‘Moving to Mars’ mission.

Booking information

This temporary free display is located on the second floor.

Jaguar Land Rover

Recognised as one of the world’s leaders in the field of automotive design, Jaguar Land Rover is proud to partner with the Design Museum in its mission to enable everyone to understand the importance of great design. Official Partner of Designer Maker User.

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