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Transat Chair

In a time of transatlantic flights and great optimism about the future, designer Eileen Gray looked to make a modern design that competed with with the throbbing modernity around her.

Morph folding wheel

When a British designer came up with a folding wheel that would help him transport his bike around the city he had no idea how it would go on to help so many people. Has he literally reinvented the wheel?

Alessi 9093 Kettle

American architect Michael Graves' Alessi 9093 has sold a whopping 1.5 million kettles... but what makes its design so appealing?

Bic Biro

In a time when people used fountain pens to write with the Bic Biro came along and revolutionised the way we write.

Olympic torch

Barber and Osgerby's design for the Olympic torch used cutting edge techniques and materials to make a modern version of the classic symbol of the sporting event's opening ceremony.

K6 telephone box

The red London telephone box is a piece of design that makes people think of the capital of England as much as a black cab or a double decker bus. But how has this design become such an icon?

Anglepoise, under the spotlight

This iconic British design has illuminated the world since the 1930s.

Little Sun

How is this small solar lamp lighting up lives around the world?


A smartphone with a conscience, designed to change the relationship between people and their phones.

Plumen Lightbulb: Beauty in the Every Day

Most light bulbs go unnoticed, but this one's won international awards!

Post-it Notes

Why has this iconic paper pad stuck around for almost 40 years?

Thonet Chair No. 14

If you’ve been to a cafe you’ve probably sat on it. Let’s take a closer look at the design of what many consider to be the world’s most popular chair.