Little Sun

How is this small solar lamp lighting up lives around the world?

Product name
Little Sun Solar Lamp
Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen
Little Sun
Year made
- Weather resistant plastic
- Solar energy cells
- Long lasting battery

In today's buzzing world, electrical lights aren't just found in globes anymore, but from screens and phones too. With all of these shiny products it's hard to believe that 1.1 billion people still live without access to electricity. Living without access to readily available light has a huge impact on people's lives. Imagine trying to do your homework or run your business without being able to see your hand in-front of your face! Without light, everyday activities become very limited and even dangerous. Light is a necessity we often take for granted.

Little Sun is a portable solar lamp created by artist Olafur Eliasson. This pretty and easy to carry source of light harnesses energy from the sun and can emit light for up to 50 hours at a time. For us, this could be a sustainable night light to read to, or a super handy tool when our torch dies on a camping holiday. However, in areas where there is no access to electricity, the Little Sun can change they way people live their lives. It can allow families to make dinner together, study and socialise. It could be a light that allows someone to deliver a baby safely or perform an emergency medical procedure. The idea behind the Little Sun is to try and increase the access to sustainable, long-lasting light, especially in areas where there is no light available.

Photo by Nicky Angunwa

What do you see?
What is it made of?
How is it made?
How does it work?
What's its impact?


The solar lamp comes with a detachable strap. This means the light can carried, worn, hung up or secured to whatever the user desires.

Artistic Inspiration

Little Sun is the first portable solar lamp that has been specifically designed to look pretty. The design is inspired by the Ethiopian meskel flower, a national symbol of positivity and beauty.


Weather Proof

The Little Sun's outer yellow shell is made of a highly weather resistant plastic. This means it can withstand harsh conditions and still last a long time.


Made with the worlds most efficient solar energy cells and long lasting battery to store the energy, the Little Sun is more effective and less expensive than lamps that rely on oil.

Photo by Merklit Mersha.

Social Business

The Little Sun is a social business. They aim to bring about sustainable positive change. For every solar lamp sold in an area with electricity, a lamp is made available to be sold affordably, in a part of the world without electricity.

Photo by Maddalena Valeri.

Easy to Use

Just 5 hours of charging the lamp in the sun can provide up to 50 hours of soft light or 4 hours of bright light. The lamp has one button, this turns it on and off and can be held down to control the brightness.

Photo by Helen Zeru.



The Little Sun lamp is an example of how thoughtful and sustainable design can create opportunities for its users. People without access to electricity have the opportunity to carry out activities, like reading or cooking where they were previously unable to. This could have the potential to let children do better at school and help businesses expand.

Photo by Michael Tsegaye.

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