Morph Folding Wheels

How is reinventing the wheel reshaping the lives of wheelchair users?

Product name
Morph Folding Wheels
Duncan Fitzsimmons
7th London Ltd.
Year Made
- Glass filled nylon
- Solid tires

In 2007 British designer and keen mountain biker Duncan Fitzsimmons came up with the design for a folding bicycle wheel in the hope that this would allow him to easily transport his bike around the city. After unveiling his idea Fitzsimmons received huge attention from wheelchair users who were interested in the portability this could bring to their wheelchair. Fitzsimmons decided to adapt his design to create the Morph Wheelchair Wheel. The wheel of a wheelchair is often the largest component of the design. It's awkward size can create problems when trying to stow it in anything from a car boot to a train luggage rack or an aeroplane hold. The freedom and flexibility of a folding wheel means that wheelchair users can travel with ease and without the worry of storage limiting their journey.

Photos by Colin Ross

What do you see?
What is it made of?
How is it made?
How does it work?
What is its impact?


The Morph wheel looks just like any other wheel but because it can fold, it is really important that it is safe for it's users. The metals spoke securely ensures that the wheel will not fold while the user is in the chair.



Glass filled Nylon is used because it is a strong material that will be able to hold the weight of the user.


Solid tires are used instead of pneumatic tires (tires filled with air) so the wheel can fold properly without becoming damaged.



Lots of playful testing and experimenting is used in the process of inventing! The final product will usually be the result of hundreds of prototypes.



The Morph wheel is designed so that it can be attached to any wheelchair. One of the most important design features is that the wheel can be easily folded by the user. The wheel is carefully engineered so it can be folded simply using two hands.


The wheel is designed so that when it is in use it is secure. A metal axel through the centre of the wheel ensures the wheel cannot collapse when the metal spoke is locked.



The most significant impact that the Morph wheel has is that it reduces the space needed to transport a wheelchair. This means that the wheel when folded can easily fit in cars, luggage compartments on aeroplanes and underneath seats. This allows wheelchair more flexibility in their travel plans!

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