The Wisdom Hour: Gifts & Giving

This Winter, join The Wisdom Hour, a creative storytelling space celebrating positive stories of ageing, facilitated by This Age Thing and Design Age Institute.

What to expect

The Wisdom Hour invites participants to the Design Museum for a cup of tea and biscuits and the opportunity to listen, share experiences and tell stories of ageing well.

For these seasonal sessions, let's celebrate the wisdom of giving and receiving gifts and get together to have fun and discuss:

  • Why do we give gifts?

  • Does giving make us more joyful?

  • What makes a good gift?

  • Do we get better at giving gifts as we get older?

As part of the workshop, we invite participants to bring a story or object that represents the best (or worst) gift they ever received, or the best (or worst) gift they have ever given.

Refreshments will be provided.


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Booking information

Adult: £5
Members: Free

Suitable Age: 50+ but all ages welcome
Capacity: 30 people per workshop session.

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George Lee

In her role as Community Lead for the Design Age Institute, George launched This Age Thing in 2021 to build a diverse community of age activists, storytellers, creatives, designers and change-makers. A respected disrupter, innovator, and leader with 25+ years of experience, George is Director of the design studio This is Real Art, co-founder of The Age of No Retirement and specialist consultancy The Common Land, championing cross-generational thinking as a key for social and economic impact.

This Age Thing

This Age Thing was launched in April 2021, with support from the Design Age Institute as a space for everyone to share stories, to be listened to, and to take positive collective action.

Design Age Institute

The Design Age Institute is the UK’s national strategic unit for design and the healthy ageing economy. The Institute works with designers, businesses, researchers and communities to help address the challenges and opportunities of an ageing society through the transformative power of design.

Background illustration 'Objects of Wisdom' by Jess Nash.