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Do Robots Blush?

‘Do Robots Blush?’ is a design workshop led by Soomi Park, one of this year’s Designers in Residence. The workshop invited participants to explore her interest in intelligent machines, and their potential to express emotions.

What to expect

Will robots need to learn how to express embarrassment?

‘Do Robots Blush?’ is a workshop led by 2017 Designer in Residence, Soomi Park. As we become increasingly reliant on intelligent machines to support our daily lives, this workshop invites participants to examine the potential of robots to reflect human emotions.

Embarrassment is a quintessential human emotion and something that in the future robots may need to be able to express. This workshop welcomes those willing to discuss collectively how our future will be shaped by intelligent social machines. The second half of the workshop will experiment with materials, forms and functions, to explore how a robot might come to express embarrassment, without mimicking or alienating us.

The workshop was facilitated by Soomi Park and Unit Lab.

Image credit | Soomi Park, 3D modelling Owen Wells


Soomi Park

Soomi Park is a London-based speculative designer and multimedia artist from Seoul, South Korea. Through her works, she explores the complex relationship between emerging technologies and human desires. Her works encompass a wide range of mediums, including interactive installations, speculative objects, film, photography, performance, and wearables.

Unit Lab

Unit Lab is a product design studio founded by Cindy Strobach and Mike Vanis. They design products that make science relevant on a personal level - products that take science out of the lab and bring it into our daily routines. They like to find the beauty in science and make it exciting.


Dr Ildar Farkhatdinov

Dr. Ildar Farkhatdinov is a Lecturer in Robotics at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and an Honorary Lecturer at the Imperial College London. His primary research interests are in the field of human-machine interaction, in particular haptics, teleoperation, human sensorimotor system, as well in design and control of robots.

Prof. Pat Healey

Pat Healey is Professor of Human Interaction and leader of the Cognitive Science Research Group at Queen Mary University of London. His research applies models from psychology and the social sciences to the problem of creating technologies that enable richer forms of human communication.

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This event is now over.


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