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Designers in Residence 2017: Support

The Designers in Residence programme at the Design Museum is a core part of the museum's activity, and exists to provide emerging designers, across any discipline, with time and space away from their regular environment to reflect, research and consider new ways of developing their practice.

This year designers will be able to use the museum’s dedicated Designers in Residence studio to create their works. Located on the museum’s top floor, visitors will be able to see the designers at work and interact with them during allocated times slots each day. Once each designer has completed their residency of 7 months, they will collectively form a showcase of their work within the studio.


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2017 is the tenth year of the Design Museum’s annual Designers in Residence programme which provides a platform to celebrate new and emerging designers at an early stage in their career.

This is now over.

Soomi Park

Past project: The Republic of Privacy - Sniffer Dog Authentication (2013), Image credit: Marcel Helmer, 3D modelling: Hyung-ok Park

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Chris Hildrey

Past project: Natural History Museum Grounds Project, Image credit: Niall McLaughlin Architects

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Studio Ayaskan

Past project: ‘Growth’, Image credit: Thomas Essl

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Yinka Danmole

Past project: Flatpack theatre stage commissioned by the RSC and Stans Café

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2017 theme

Theme: Support

For Designers in Residence 2017 the Design Museum invites designers and architects to respond to the theme Support. The notion of support has underpinned the whole residency since its inception, however for the first time in the programme’s history, the museum will provide four designers with a designated studio space. As before, this opportunity will provide designers the time and space to focus and develop a project independently, with the help of the Design Museum and its network of established practitioners. Designers in Residence will offer an environment for the advancement of fresh ideas and a fertile ground for experimentation.

The museum aims to empower the selected designers, creating an infrastructure that balances support with self-sufficiency, enabling them to thrive in their own creative practices. Support within design, could be structural, spatial or social, from co-design, to service design, support is about a thorough understanding of the audience or user. The multi-disciplinary platform will unite designers by exploring topics of shared interest that relate to the theme.

about the residents

Soomi Park

Soomi Park is a speculative designer and multimedia artist. Her practice spans academia and design, as she is currently pursuing a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Psychology. Her interests explore the potential of robotics potentially expressing human emotions.

Chris Hildrey

Chris Hildrey is an architect with a collaborative and multidisciplinary practice. His interests range from emergent systems to the social implications of design. Chris will be exploring potential interventions that support communities and groups that are affected by funding cuts.

Studio Ayaskan

Studio Ayaskan is the collaboration of twin sisters Begum and Bike. Their experimental practice finds connections between technology and nature. They will be exploring the idea of the lifecycle of materials, taking inspiration from nature to create contemplative objects that evolve over time.

Yinka Danmole

Yinka Danmole collaboratively works across the fields of design, art, and architecture. His practice explores the ideas of ownership, often in relation to our cities and public spaces. Yinka will be looking at the visual representation of language, engaging with visitors to discover shared meanings.

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