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Hey Duggee Family Activities

Let Duggee help you with fun activities and games.

Make the activities at home and collect Duggee's badges.


Balloon colouring

Balloon Colouring

Earn your balloon badge with Hey Duggee's colouring sheet. Colour the pictures and print your badge.

After you've coloured in Hey Duggee's balloons you can earn yourself your first of many badges.

Castle Activity

Make your own castle flag and colour it in.

Once you've made your castle flag it's time to earn your castle badge.


Complete the dots and help Duggee bounce.

Earn your bouncing badge with this download.

Food growing

Grow some food in your front room with Duggee.

Now you've grown your food its time to earn your badge.


Help the grass and flowers grow by performing your own rain dance.

Earn your Raindance badge with Duggee.

Summer Holiday

Make your very own Duggee glasses ready for Summer.

Earn your Summer Holiday badge.

Super Squirrel

Help Duggee guide the ducks home.

Earn your Super Squirrel badge.


Design a haircut for your teddy bear.

Download Duggee's hair badge.


Make an omelette with Duggee.

Earn your omelette badge with Duggee.

Paddling pool

Make a big splash with Duggee's paddling pool activity.

Earn your paddling pool badge with Duggee.


Help firefighter Duggee rescue the ginger cat.

Earn your Rescue Badge. Complete the tasks on the list to get your badge.


Make your own acorn tree with Hey Duggee's worksheet.

Complete the tasks to earn your own Acorn Badge.


Download Duggee's hiccup worksheet to help you earn your Hiccup badge.

Earn your Hiccup Badge to add to your collection.


Try and find your way around Duggee's Maze.

Add the maze badge to your collection. Download the sheet and complete the tasks.

Show and tell

Do your own show and tell with Duggee's worksheet.

Add the show and tell badge to your collection. Complete the tasks and earn your badge.


Make your own Hey Duggee! leaf bunting.

Add the leaf badge to your collection. Download the badge sheet and complete the tasks.


Download Duggee's Jam sheet. Follow the activities on the Jam badge sheet.

Download Duggee's Jam badge and work your way through the tasks.


Make up your own activity with Duggee's _ worksheet.

Download Duggee's blank badge and make up your own tasks. Give the badge a name and complete your homemade tasks.


Download the scarecrow worksheet and build your own scarecrow.

Download the scarecrow badge, complete the tasks and add it to your collection.


Download Duggee's birthday cake and colour it in.

Download Duggee's cake badge. Complete the tasks and add it to your collection.


Download Duggee's drawing worksheet. Follow the tasks on the badge.

Download and complete Duggee's drawing badge.


Download the worksheet to build your own snowman.

Complete the tasks to earn your Snowman Badge

Funny Face

Download the worksheet and follow along with the tasks on the Funny Face badge.

Download Duggee's funny face badge and complete the tasks to earn your badge.

paper boat

Download the worksheet to build your paper boat.

Complete the tasks to earn your Paper Boat badge.

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