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Dieter Rams


Defining an elegant, legible, yet rigorous visual language in industrial design

What is "Good" Design? A quick look at Dieter Rams' Ten Principles.


What does "good" design look like and are there any instructions on how to create it? Dieter Rams, legendary industrial designer, who's "less but better" approach inspired a generation of products, is...

Post-it Notes


Why has this iconic paper pad stuck around for almost 40 years?

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Park Hill Estate: an infamous Sheffield icon


Did architectural design transform an unloved building in South Yorkshire into a place people wanted to live?

Past Exhibitions


An overview of exhibitions at the Design Museum since 1989.

Sony Walkman


Thirty years ago, the idea of people walking around with headphones on whilst listening to music seemed insane. Now, it's something we barely notice, but what piece of design created this change in be...



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Paul Smith


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