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Sony Walkman

The creator of the Sony Walkman wanted to listen to music on Transatlantic flights... little did they know just how successful their design would become...

Charlee Sulley, graphic designer

How does a graphic designer like Charlee approach a design task and what is a typical day for a graphic designer?

British Road Signs

We see them everyday but how much do you know about the design of these important signs?

Clever Clothes. How is wearable technology changing our world?

Real life sci-fi. How designers are cleverly repurposing every day objects to improve lives and inspire wonder.

Graphene. Will it change the world?

With such incredible properties; scientists, inventors and designers around the world are getting really excited about how graphene may revolutionise the future!

Memphis Group: awful or awesome?

In the early 80s, Italian designer and architect Ettore Sottsass founded Memphis, a group of artists and designers who became known for their bright and bold furniture design.

Park Hill Estate: an infamous Sheffield icon

Did architectural design transform an unloved building in South Yorkshire into a place people wanted to live?

What is "Good" Design? A quick look at Dieter Rams' Ten Principles.

Dieter Rams, legendary industrial designer, whose "less but better" approach inspired a generation of products, is famed for writing the Ten Principles of Good design.