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The Ralph Saltzman Prize 2024

The third year of our annual prize in partnership with the Saltzman Family Foundation celebrating emerging product designers in recognition of Ralph Saltzman’s design legacy.

Please note: this display will be closed on 5 March 2024.

Winner of The Ralph Saltzman Prize 2024

We're pleased to announce that designer Attua Aparicio is the third recipient of The Ralph Saltzman Prize.

This year’s winner will exhibit her work in a free display at the Design Museum running from 1 February until 15 April and will receive a bursary to support their work.

Aparicio is a London-based multidisciplinary artist working in the intersection of design, craft and art. Her practice is driven by material research and experimentation seeking to find new combinations and ways of making. She is interested in sustainability, material hybridization and tactility. She often collaborates with her sister, artist Saelia Aparicio, and has worked with glass artist Jochen Holz. Aparicio also co-founded Silo Studio with Oscar Lessing.

Attua Aparicio was nominated for the award by Martino Gamper OBE.

Winner of the prize, Attua Aparicio, said:

"I am extremely grateful to have received the Ralph Saltzman Prize. Working in the intersection of design, craft and art and being given the opportunity to show my work in the Design Museum makes me appreciate how open and exciting the broader design community is. This prize is a great encouragement to my practice and the future of my work.

I would like to especially thank Martino Gamper for nominating me for this prize and for all the support and encouragement that he has shown through the years. I would also like to thank all the team at the Design Museum for their great support and to Lisa Saltzman for making it all possible.

Designer Attua Aparicio, recipient of The Ralph Saltzman Prize 2024. Photo by Joost Verpoort

Testing glass colours on porcelain, 2019. © Exhibition photography by Andy Stagg for the Design Museum

Close up of A♡J, 2020-23. Courtesy of Attua Aparacio and Jochen Holz

Tests with glass and clay, 2023

Q&A with Attua Aparicio

This Q&A introduces Attua Aparicio, the winner of this year's Ralph Saltzman Prize. Learn more about the inspiration, process, and materials behind her work.

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In honour of Ralph Saltzman

Returning to the Design Museum for a third year, The Ralph Saltzman Prize celebrates emerging product designers in recognition of Ralph Saltzman’s design legacy.

Created by Lisa Saltzman on behalf of the Saltzman Family Foundation, the prize reflects the museum's overarching commitment to champion new talent and nurture the development of a vibrant design sector.


“I created The Ralph Saltzman Prize three years ago to continue my father’s legacy; Ralph Saltzman was a design innovator and forged an incredible career and company when he founded Designtex. Both my parents had a passion for and commitment to great design and this prize is in their honour. This year's nominees are an incredibly strong group of designers and my father would have been delighted to witness their abundant ingenuity and talent. These emerging designers are all focused on the future and their work, while wonderfully unique to each, nods back to the qualities my father had when he founded Designtex: vision, self-belief, creativity, innovation, and a love of great design.”

Lisa Saltzman


“We are delighted to be working with Lisa Saltzman and The Saltzman Family Foundation for the third year on this prestigious and important design prize. A unique aspect of the prize is that all nominations come from practicing designers and the jury is made up of a majority of designers, so in a way it is both for and by the design community, which reflects the Design Museum’s original vision. This year’s Ralph Saltzman Prize nominees are all very different, but one common denominator is that they are pushing for material reuse and experimentation with existing manufacturing processes that challenges what design is and can be. They all offer a fascinating snapshot of contemporary design practice.”

Johanna Agerman Ross, Conran Foundation Chief Curator at the Design Museum .

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About the selection process

Each nominee was selected by a more established designer from the museum’s network. All the nominees are pointing to a new direction for design, either by supporting the green transition, through technical innovation or presenting compelling design ideas and have set up their own design practice within the past five years.

The nominees are then invited to present their work to a selection panel including the museum’s directorate and members of the Curatorial Committee, along with Mr Saltzman’s daughter, Lisa Saltzman.

Q&A with Lisa Saltzman

What made you want to set up this award at the Design Museum in London?
It is one of the most prestigious design museums in the world.

Why do you think an award for a designer of this level is important?
I created this prize as a legacy to my father [Ralph Saltzman]. He was an innovator and a pioneer who had a keen eye, great taste and he thought outside the box. The Ralph Saltzman Prize will be a way to give these young designers an opportunity, an honorarium and a show. It’s the best way to perpetuate my father’s legacy. Designers at this level are seasoned enough and the opportunity to take them to the next level is exciting.

How did your father, founder of Designtex, influence your design thinking?
My father's love of design permeated my life in a very significant way, my father noticed everything, everywhere... He had a very profound influence on me in so many ways, his observations, keen eye and great taste impacted me in a big way, his aesthetic and love of Design was intoxicating.

How do you think design influences our day-to-day life and why is good design important?
Design is at the core of almost all things, good design enhances users' experience and can help solve problems.

Who are or have been some of your favourite designers (past and present)?
Josef Hoffmann, Charles Eames, Marc Newson.

Ralph Saltzman

Co-Founder and President of Designtex, Saltzman's curiosity and collaborative spirit are evident in the legacy of innovation he leaves behind and in the company he founded 60 years ago. Designtex's development of sustainable textiles and the partnership that emerged between William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart won First Prize in the International Design Sense competition at the Design Museum in 2000.


Simone Brewster

Brewster is a London-based artist, designer, educator & cultural changemaker. Strongly grounded in craft, she uses her creative outputs as her voice, celebrating and sharing windows into varied Black female narratives and histories. The threads that flow throughout her work display a balance of function with beauty, a repurposing of the “ethnic” and the “western”, continuously playing with scale, materiality and architectural form. Brewster is the Now Gallery 2023 Design Commission winning artist.

Daniel Charny MBE

Charny is a designer, educator and creative director recognised for a range of culturally significant projects from the Power of Making exhibition to the global Maker Library Network and the award winning Fixperts learning programme. Alongside Dee Halligan, he co-founded Forth, a creative studio and Community Interest Company concerned with the new formats, models and spaces needed to support learning and engagement in a changing world. Charny advocates for design as a tool to unlock a better future.

Martino Gamper OBE

Gamper was born in Merano, Italy. Working across disciplines, Gamper engages in a variety of projects from exhibition design, interior design, one-off commissions and the design of mass-produced products for the cutting edge of the international furniture industry. Gamper opened his design studio in London in 2000, where he continues to live and work. In 2023 Gamper was awarded an OBE for services to Design.

Sabine Marcelis

Marcelis is an artist and designer based in Rotterdam. After graduating from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2011, Marcelis began working within the fields of product, installation and spatial design with a strong focus on materiality. Her work is characterised by pure forms which highlight material properties. She applies a strong aesthetic point of view to her collaborations with industry specialists and considers her designs to be sensorial experiences that becomes the function, with a refined and unique aesthetic.

Jasper Morrison

Known for his ‘Super Normal’ approach to design, Morrison looks to find the exceptional in the world of the ordinary. He is a firm believer that design should have an almost invisible presence in the end product and that an atmosphere of naturalness in things is more important than a designer’s signature. His work is represented in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and many other prominent collections around the world.



Nominated by Sabine Marcelis, ASTRONAUTS is a creative studio founded by Danae Dasyra and Joe Bradford specialising in limited-edition sculptural objects, highly considered from conception to creation. Their respective yet complimentary skills collaborate towards a shared vision – the act of making is their emphasis, where a material or process dictate and design is merely a response. Most of the fabrication remains in-house, with artisans and industry collaborations often becoming integral to the outcome.

Attua Aparicio

Nominated by Martino Gamper, Aparicio is a multidisciplinary artist working in the intersection of design, craft and art. She studied an MA in Design Products at RCA and her practice is driven by material research and experimentation seeking to find new combinations and ways of making. Interested in sustainability, material hybridization and tactility, she often collaborates with her sister, artist Saelia Aparicio, glass artist Jochen Holz and co-founded Silo Studio with Oscar Lessing.

Tabatha Pearce Chedier

Nominated by Jasper Morrison, Pearce Chedier is a Brazilian-British designer and creative currently based in London, where she earned her degree in Product and Furniture Design from Kingston School of Art in 2020. Within her work, she delves into her dual heritage and cultural ties, employing a charismatic, process-oriented approach within design. Tabatha draws inspiration from a diverse mix of traditions, demonstrating a consideration of materials and manufacturing in her exploration of ideas.

Jacob Marks

Nominated by Simone Brewster, Marks is a London based emerging designer and maker who studied Product & Furniture Design at Kingston University. His work focuses on the expressive reimagining of natural materials, often using those that are overlooked or disregarded to produce distinctive contemporary works. Fundamental to his practice is research into the landscapes materials are harvested from, and how design can be used as a tool to address complex social and ecological issues.

Micaella Pedros

Nominated by Daniel Charny, Pedros is a French designer and maker based in London where she studied an MA in Design Products at RCA. Driven by sustainability and empowerment, she revisits materials, local resources and waste to explore new territories of use with a strong low-tech influence. From plastic joinery to gravity-powered machines, she investigates woodwork in furniture and narrative objects and collaborates with museums and maker spaces. Sharing findings during workshops is a key element of her practice.

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Designer Mac Collins was selected as the inaugural prize winner in 2022. Nominated designers included Alexandra Fruhstorfer, Francisco Norris, Marion Pinaffo & Raphaël Pluvinage, and Sky Lucy Young.

Background image: Close up of Digit Texture Vases. © Photography by Andy Stagg for the Design Museum.