designers in residence 2019 cosmic

Salt Imaginaries by Mále Uribe Forés

Immerse yourself in a landscape filled with salt.

Designers in Residence Showcase

Explore the work of this year's residents responding to the theme Cosmic.

What to expect

Chilean artist and architect Mále Uribe Forés re-imagines salt as a valuable material in her design research project, ‘Salt Imaginaries: Rethinking Mineral Life in the Atacama Desert’.

Following a ten-day research trip, Mále developed an architectural surface comprising over one thousand triangular tiles combining salt and plaster from the Atacama Desert in Chile, the place on earth considered to most resemble the surface of Mars.

Sit in front of the salt wall and watch as light glistens on the surface, mimicking the cycle of the sun, before exploring the impact of extractive histories and processes on natural landscapes and the global issues around mining – through mineral samples and photographs of salt formations visible only in this part of the world.


Q&A -Mále Uribe Forés

To mark International Women's Day, the Design Museum caught up with one of this year's designer in residence, Mále Uribe Forés, the architect and designer behind Salt Imaginaries.