Beazley Designs of the Year 2020 nominees

Product 2020

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An instrument for teaching children to build tunes

Biomimetic Collar

A neck collar that mimics the structure of bone

Impossible Burger 2.0

A vegan burger for meat lovers

SmartHalo 2

A multi-functional bike accessory

Reflectacles Privacy Eyewear

A privacy-protecting set of spectacles

LEGO Braille Bricks

A toy block to teach Braille

Artes y Oficios

A set of products drawing on Mexican design


A soluble circuit board

DO Black

A carbon-conscious credit card


A new way of collecting evidence

Förändring by IKEA

A homeware collection to reduce air pollution


A sustainable building brick


A reusable swab


A home-compostable bioplastic

Self-Sanitising Door Handle

A door handle that reduces infection


A plaster for every skin tone

Fronda Stool

A stool with an unexpected shelf

Lucozade Sport Ooho Capsules

A plastic-free edible drinks capsule


A living wall that cleans polluted water

Border as Producer of Design

A design collection that explores how goods are exchanged

Judy emergency kits

A new, reassuring kit for crises

Ouroboros Steak

A critical meal kit for consuming human cells and Batch.shield

A sustainable 3D printing manufacturer

The Water Box Mobile Filtration System

An open-source water filtration system.


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