2019 nominees

Product 2019

Not too long ago, plastics were synonymous with disposability. Alessandro Mendini scathingly remarked in the late 1980s that his fellow designers dreamed of entire homes – an entire world – cast not in gold, but plastic.

The process of rethinking much-used products and challenging material conventions dominates this year’s selection of product designs, which includes the first reinvention of the pregnancy test in over thirty years, a table comprising pressed flowers suspended in black resin, and a series of tiles whose glazes are formed from the volcanic ash of Mount Etna.



1 Inch Reclaimed stacking chair

A chair made of waste that will last for life

Bacteria Lamp

A glowing celebration of gems

CATCH: The HIV Detector

A simple and affordable HIV test


A battery pack that charges when shaken

Elvie Pump

A quiet and hands-free breast pump


A tile made from mount Etna's ashes


A flora memento mori

FREKVENS audio and lighting

A speaker system with personality


A discreet pregnancy test for a greener planet

The Living Seawall

A marine wall tile for combatting pollution


A political jewellery collection for asylum seekers


An add-on to make crutches more comfortable


A plastic made of plants

Rennes & Chainette

A curtain that reacts to light by changing colour

Super Fake – rug collection

A rug for a post-Snapchat world


A hack to make IKEA furniture accessible


A clay water filter for Puerto Rico


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