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The character Miquela Sousa, or Lil Miquela, is the creation of LA start-up Brud and continues to be managed by a team of artists and technologists.

She is a computer-generated virtual musician, social activist and model who has come to be hailed as a ‘global pop star’ and ‘Gen Z icon’. Her entirely virtual existence spans Instagram, TikTok and TV, with five million followers and more than fifty million streams across platforms.

Miquela identifies as a ‘change-seeking robot’ and the character has supported the Black Lives Matter movement since her launch in 2016. The figure has been called out for perpetuating oppressive beauty standards and coopting minority identities.

Founder and CEO: Trevor McFedries.
Co-founder: Sara DeCou.
Chief Content Officer: Nicole de Ayora.
Head of Design: Isaac Bratzel.
President: Kara Weber.
General Manager Lauren Goulston.

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