Beazley Designs of the Year 2020 nominees


Explore the Beazley Designs of the Year 2020 Digital category nominees.

This year's winner in the Digital category is A rapist in Your Way ('Un Violador en tu Camino'), designed by Colectivo LASTESIS.




A virtual teenager with a point of view

ICEYE One-Metre Radar Satellite Imaging

A human-scale satellite capable of detecting small details

The Uncensored Library

A virtual library for evading censorship

A Rapist in Your Way (‘Un Violador en tu Camino’)

A protest performance against sexual violence



A video collage exposing Western prejudice

The Renegade Dance Challenge

A fifteen-second viral dance performance

Chernobyl Sound Design

A haunting TV drama soundscape

The Irishman De-Ageing Technology

An age-defying VFX technology


An organism designed by a computer

Make Your Own Masters

A free, self-initiated master’s degree in design

Manifold Garden

A game designed by an artist

NAE Cities Index

An index to measure immigrant integration.


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