2019 nominees

Architecture 2019

In this globally extensive section, featuring projects in Peru, India, China, Syria and Australia, we meet architects and designers whose ideas and impact have gone beyond the limits of the physical environment, addressing issues from community regeneration to post-Brexit land-use and post-war reconstruction.

Architecture isn’t just about buildings and monuments any more – in 2019 it can be an app, a landscape, the process of conceiving and fundraising for a community skatepark in Athens, or a vast $500m arts centre on wheels.



110 Rooms

A modular apartment block for flexible living

Art Biotop Water Garden

A second life for trees in this Japanese water garden

Ca'n Terra

A home excavated out of a quarry

Central Park, Taichung

A new climate controlled park in Taiwan

Latraac Skate Cafe

A skate park designed with the community

Maya Somaiya Library

A walkable parabolic roof for a public library

Miami College Garage

A car park that is also a playground

A new gallery for Milton Keynes

A new roof for the ancient souk of Homs

A new arched roof of meshed metal as a symbol of endurance in a conflict torn city


A postcode for London's homeless

Research into public money for public goods

A post-Brexit policy that localises farming

Punchbowl Mosque

A home for Sydney's Islamic community

A Room for Archaeologists and Kids

A new shelter for an ancient archaelogical site in Peru

Studio Opalis

An online platform for reusing architectural waste

The Shed

An expandable performance centre on wheels

The Songyang Story

A regional effort to revitalise village life


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