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Ai-Da: Portrait of the Robot

Discover the story of Ai-Da, the world’s first convincing humanoid robot capable of creating artworks.

What to expect

As humans increasingly merge with technology, the self-titled robotic artist, Ai-Da, leads us to ask whether artworks produced by machines can indeed be called ‘art’.

Ai-Da can both draw and engage in lively discussion. Her robotic arm, developed by Salah Al Abd and Ziad Abass, enables her to hold a pencil, and her silicone face, designed by researcher Lucy Seal and digital artist Alex Kafoussias and ​3D designer Tim Milward, makes it appear as though she is ‘alive’. These features, and the movements and gestures that Ai-Da is programmed to perform, raise questions about human identity in a digital age.

Visit this free temporary display and explore a series of self-portraits created through a blend of Ai-Da's brushstrokes, AI and the human hand, and her first prototype robotic arm.

Please note that as a busy humanoid artist Ai-Da herself is not part of the display.

Portrait by Victor Frankowski

Image by Leighanne Murray (Aidan Meller Gallery)

Ai-Da Artwork

Ai-Da Artwork

The Intersection of Art and AI | TEDxOxford

In this video, Ai-Da – the world's first humanoid AI robot artist – creates art live on stage.

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