Learn with the Design Museum Lunch & Learn

Workshop with Sanne Visser

Learn how to harness the potential of natural materials and circular design in a behind-the-scenes look into Sanne Visser’s home studio.

What to expect

A material explorer, Sanne combines craft with innovation through her ropes and nets made using ancient techniques to spin human hair. Here, she demonstrates some work in progress, and sets a design brief focused around redesigning the home to suit new living conditions. Download Sanne's design challenge below!

Suggested readings by Sanne

  • Radical Matter - by Caroline Till & Kate Franklin

'An incredibly inspiring book which explores all sorts of unusual materials (besides human hair). Not only looks at the materiality, but also the production processes, ethical aspects, social impacts etc. The whole cycle!'

  • Why Materials Matter - by Seetal Solanki

'Similar to the previous one, but not any less amazing!! Insights of what the materials and properties are and how the techniques. Wonderful imagery too!'

  • Crafts Council Magazine digital archive

'Showcasing the most talented craftsman out there, now in full access online during this period only. Grab the chance!'

  • MacGuffin Magazine

'Focused on one topic at the time, detailed and in depth plus beautifully designed and visualised.'

  • The Little Inventors Handbook - by Dominic Wilcox

'It is known as a children's book, but I think it is definitely also a fun inspiration for adults. Also great inspiration for the design brief.'


About Sanne

Sanne Visser is a Dutch designer who works and lives in London. A material explorer and maker, graduated with the masters Material Futures at Central Saint Martins. Her main interest as a designer is in material innovation, sustainability and future thinking. The production process is highly important in her work, where craft meets innovation and system design.