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Keep  inspired and  informed with fashion starter packs, lunch time sketching with leading architects and more.   Why not use this time to  learn some new skills? 

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this week

#ArchitectureFriday with Craig & Karl

Explore the colourful world of Craig & Karl, a designer duo that lives in different parts of the world (New York and London) but collaborates daily to create bold, bright and humorous work.

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Drawing Workshop with Morag Myerscough

Join a creative workshop with artist Morag Myerscough who will advise on how to improve sketchbook skills.

Hack Workshop with Paul Priestman

Make the perfect lockdown life hack, improve video calls with this egg box mobile holder, designed by Paul Priestman and made in under two minutes.

Digital Festival

Make it Public

Students from the RCA's MRes course consider how to break out of the box when you live in one.

Manifestos: Architecture for a New Generation

This annual collaboration between London Festival of Architecture and the Design Museum highlights new voices who are expanding the parameters of architecture in London.

Lunch and Learn

Join this series of online workshops that touch a wide range of design disciplines including fashion, drawing, product and more.


Get  inspired by the museum's appointment with architecture.

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