Learn with the Design Museum Lunch & Learn

Drawing Workshop with Morag Myerscough

Join a creative workshop with artist Morag Myerscough who will advise on how to improve sketchbook skills.

Equipment required

  • All you need is a sketchbook any size whatever you like best - if you do not have a sketchbook at hand just some paper is good too.

  • Your pen of choice or if you would really prefer to use a pencil that is good too

  • Colours felt tips — paints — crayons whatever you have in the house

  • If you have some stickers, from your stationery draw that would be great too.



About Morag

Morag Myerscough is a London based artist that puts an eclectic graphic sensibility into public spaces, with colour, pattern and big type.

from her portfolio

Designer Maker User

The studio of Morag Myerscough is the exhibition designer for Designer Maker User, the museum’s first permanent display.