Blue Diversion toilet

Designer: EOOS, Austria, with Eawag, Switzerland
Category: Product

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A sanitation system for those who are off the grid

2.5 billion people around the globe have no access to safe sanitation, causing severe diarrhoea, which kills 1.8 million people each year, primarily children under the age of 5. Furthermore, urine and faeces are severely polluting the environment. Blue Diversion is a grid-free dry diversion toilet, i.e. with no connection to piped water, sewers or electricity. Urine, faeces and flush-and-wash water are collected separately below the pan. The used water is recovered directly in the toilet by means of an innovative, energy-efficient and maintenance-free membrane bioreactor followed by on-site production of chlorine through electrolysis. This multi-barrier water treatment system included in the back wall of the toilet provides about 7 Litres of hygienically safe water per user and day with little energy (provided by a small solar panel on the roof) and only minimal water losses. The Blue Diversion Toilet features a business model, which includes a collection system for urine and faeces, along with semi-centralised recycling plants for the production of valuable fertiliser and biogas.