Digital Membership Card

The digital membership card will grant you unlimited free access to paid exhibitions as well as allowing you to access your exclusive members discounts in our Design Museum shops and cafe.

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What you can do with the digital membership card

With your digital membership card, you will be able to access our paid exhibitions for free as many times as you like! No need to book, and skip the queue to get priority acess by scanning your pass at the gallery entrance.

Treat yourself on site with your exclusive members discount. Our members also enjoy an exclusive members discount in our Atrium and High Street shops as well as in our cafe.

Please note

All current members should have received their digital membership card via email.

Request a digital membership card
If you are a current member and you have not received your digital membership card yet, please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folders before contacting us. If the email with your pass is not in your inbox, please contact the membership team and we will send it as soon as possible. In the meantime, to access your benefits, please share your Membership ID with the Visitor Experience and Retail teams at the museum. This will be essential to track your Membership status.

Request a physical pass(exceptional)
For members who do not have mobile devices or have special conditions (such as no email address or internet access), you can collect a physical version at the museum.

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Enjoy free, unlimited entry for you and a guest to all exhibitions, priority access to events, discounts in the shop and more.