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Trans-Europe Express: Tours of a Lost Continent

Join architecture historian Owen Hatherley in a talk exploring the condition of contemporary Europe, told through the landscapes of its cities.

What to expect

Join Owen Hatherley in this keynote talk on Europe and the urban ideal.

Over the past twenty years European cities appear to have become the envy of the world: a Kraftwerk Utopia of historic centres, imaginative public spaces and futuristic egalitarian housing estates.interconnected by high-speed trains travelling through open borders. These areas have an unusual combination of both order and pleasure, rarely seen elsewhere.

In his new book Trans-Europe Express, Owen Hatherley explores the European city across the entire continent, examining what makes it so different to the Anglo-Saxon norm - the unplanned, car-centred, developer-oriented spaces common to the US, Ireland, UK and Australia.

In attempting to define the European city, Hatherley finds the European continent divided both within the EU and outside it.

Image credit: Orgues de flandre, Northeast Paris

Image credit: Middle class socialism - Hammarby Sjostad

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Owen Hatherley

Owen Hatherley writes regularly on aesthetics and politics for the Architectural Review, The Calvert Journal, Dezeen, the Guardian, and the London Review of Books. He is the author of several books, most recently Landscapes of Communism (Penguin, 2015), The Ministry of Nostalgia (Verso, 2016) and The Chaplin Machine (Pluto, 2016).

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