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‘Startup Essentials’ with Creative Entrepreneurs

How do you turn a creative idea into a successful business? Discover the basics in starting up a business on this practical course.

What to expect

How do you turn a creative idea into a successful business? Whether it’s creating a new publication, setting up a design studio or running a gallery, knowing the basics of business is an essential part of creating a new project.

Curated by Creative Entrepreneurs, this three-part course will cover several essential aspects of setting up a creative business: how to network effectively, legal basics, and finance. Through seminar discussions led by experts and hands-on activities, participants will learn the skills and knowledge they need to begin realising their projects.

No prior experience of knowledge is required. Whether you have already started a creative business, have an idea for a new project or just want to learn more, we welcome you to join this course.

Session One: How to Network
by Carolyn Dailey, Founder, Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Overview – what makes things happen today - the power of connection

  • Preparation – defining goals, research, preparing marketing materials

  • Networking in action – lay of the land, strategies & techniques

  • Harnessing trust and reciprocity – cultivating long-term relationships

Session Two: Financial Basics for Creative Startups
by Martin Carruthers & Shaun Beaney - Finance Basics

  • Accounting basics – information tracking and financial planning

  • Tax basics – corporate tax overview, HMRC, VAT, SEIS

  • Fundraising basics – friends and family, angel investment, startup loans (crowdfunding to be mentioned, but not covered in detail)

Session Three: Legal Basics for Creative Startups

  • What are the common characteristics of creative industry businesses?

  • Company basics - key considerations on setting up, organisation and share structures

  • People basics – employees, freelancers and consultants how to incentivise and retain key creative individuals

  • IP basics – IP overview, understanding what you own and how to exploit and protect it

Session 1 Speaker

Carolyn Dailey

Carolyn founder Creative Entrepreneurs in 2016. Previously she was MD of Time Warner International, London. She was named by WIRED Magazine as one of the Top 10 women 'Digital Power Brokers’ and listed by BIMA in the Top 10 Entrepreneurs shaping Britain’s digital industry.

Session 2 Speaker

Shaun Beaney

Shaun handles communications, public policy and advisory work for the Corporate Finance Faculty at ICAEW, particularly on access to finance, growing businesses and venture capital. He devised and co-authored 'Creative Industries - Routes to Finance’, the seminal financing guide for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Session 3 Speaker

Martin Carruthers

Martin is a Manager at GrantThornton and has a wealth of experience in helping companies assess the right funding options, raise finance and overcoming barriers to growth.

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