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SheSays: Breaking into the industry

Ahead of International Women's Day, join the SheSays team as they delve into different ways to break into the creative industry through a panel discussion and collaborative workshop.

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The pandemic has taken a toll on women in the creative industries, widening the gender pay gap even further. Which is why it’s so important for more women to break into the creative industry.

Are you struggling to get your foot in the door? Have you always wondered how other people got started? Or are you just starting out? Kickstart your journey into the creative industry with Joyce Kremer and Melissa Wong (SheSays), Erin Aniker (Illustrator), Natalie Narh (New Comma) and Nadina Ali (graphic designer) as they discuss their highs and lows breaking into their industries. The panel discussion will be followed by a collborative workshop. We will conclude the event with a chance to network with other fellow creatives.

SheSays is an award-winning organisation for women in the creative industries. Founded in London in 2007, it has been running tailored engagements for corporate clients for 15 years, as well as offering free events and mentorship for 70k women worldwide. In addition to pioneering actions for women, SheSays is building The WEI, a career progression tool.

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Erin Aniker

Erin Aniker is an Illustrator whose bold and colourful people driven illustrations draw inspiration from her upbringing and love of her home city of London, her dual Turkish and British heritage, appreciation of Islamic art and patterns and the inclusive community she has grown up with in east London.

Joyce Kremer

Joyce Kremer is a Dutch senior Art Director working at Ogilvy. Up until last month she was the President of SheSays, a global organisation that helps women advance in the creative industries. She’s the founder of art seeks copy / copy seeks art and has been named one of Adland's top 30 female rising stars.

Natalie Narh

Natalie Narh is the co-founder of New Comma - a social recruitment platform for local and diaspora African creatives to connect, create, learn and earn. The site will showcase creative work while also offering jobs, training and mentoring for marginalised groups looking to work in the creative industry.

Nadina Ali

Nadina Ali is a self-taught graphic artist and designer with a love for colour and bold typography. Originally from Marseille, she is now based in London. Her work is centred on creating empowering messages around social justice, representation and mental health. She also aims to amplify the voices of under-represented people through her work.

Melissa Wong

Melissa Wong is a senior Art Director working in advertising and the head of social for SheSays. With over 9 years of experience, her work has taken her around the world, from shoots in Europe to launching a brand in Tokyo. Outside of this, she works with SheSays to create equal opportunities for women.