Introduction to Indigo - Adire

Join this introductory workshop led by Abiola Onabule exploring the processes and cultural history of adire - the indigo-dyed patterned cloth made by Yoruba dyers in South-Western Nigeria.

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What to expect

This workshop is an introduction to indigo dyeing and the language of adire, the indigo-dyed patterned cloth made by Yoruba dyers in South-Western Nigeria.

Learn about a variety of adire cloths and their names, meanings and techniques as well as how to set up a simple indigo dye bath.

Discover Nigerian textile heritage and culture, and engage in a group discussion around race, identity and cultural narratives hidden within cloth.

Materials will be sent to all participants ahead of the workshop.

Walk-Talk by Michele Gauler

Diagram by Justin Nicholls

Trip by Ricardo Abreu

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Abiola Onabule

Abiola Onabule is one of the 2020 Designers in Residence. She is a designer with a masters in womenswear from Central Saint Martins. Her work draws inspiration from her cultural heritage, through silhouette and explorations into fabrics steeped in Nigerian textile culture, investigated in a present-day context.

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