Lecture with Rosie Strickland School of Speculation Summer School

Direct Action Design

For the School of Speculation, former Greenpeace Art Director Rosie Strickland will invite debate and discourse about conservation and the future of our planet and the intersection of humanity, ecology and technology.

What to expect

In the final installment of the SOS_20 public lecture series Rosie will discuss her work as designer and participant in the Greenpeace Ditch Diesel campaign as well as her own independent design interventions. Interested in the trouble of human and nonhuman coexistence, ecological futures, and justice, her work is often provocative and pushes her audiences to question our impact on the world around us. Using performance, visual communication, design, print-making and sound installation Rosie will explain how her work invites participation and gives agency to designers. Rosie is trained in direct democracy facilitation and her work demonstrates that the power of design is its power to affect change.

Please note that this event takes place via Zoom.

Booking Information

This event is free, but booking is required.


Rosie Strickland

Rosie Strickland designs interventions in public space that aim to shift dominant narratives and reveal glimpses of other worlds that might be possible. Her design practice is informed by four years designing interventions and branded campaigns for Greenpeace UK. She uses co-design principles to lead team projects to produce compelling visual campaigns that push boundaries.


School of Speculation

SOS is an independent and nomadic critical design school that aims to challenge current models of delivering higher education. Through partnerships between museums, galleries, libraries and other public institutions, SOS aims to build relationships between the diverse latent pedagogy in our cities to create a different kind of educational offer.