School of Speculation Summer School

Digital Economics: Lecture with Nick Srnicek

Dr Nick Srnicek of Kings College London discusses the future of Artificial Intelligence and its role in the economy.

What to expect

Digital Economics Lecturer Dr Nick Srnicek considers the future of AI.

AI has the potential to destablise the economic dominance of major online platforms, making for a more democratic digital sector. However, it also has the potential to lean the other way, concetrating capital within specific companies and geographies. In this talk, Nick Srnicek examines these issues through the lens of three key inputs: data, computing, and labour.

This free talk is the first in a series of lectures delivered online as part of the School of Speculation's 2020 design residency. School of Speculation is a nomadic critical design summer school founded by Pierre Shaw and Kishan San.

Booking Information

This event is free, but booking is required.


Nick Srnicek

Nick is a Lecturer in Digital Economy in the Department of Digital Humanities at King's College London. He is co-author of Inventing the Future and author of Platform Capitalism.


School of Speculation

SOS is an independent and nomadic critical design school that aims to challenge current models of delivering higher education. Through partnerships between museums, galleries, libraries and other public institutions, SOS aims to build relationships between the diverse latent pedagogy in our cities to create a different kind of educational offer.