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Air Walk with Citizen Sense

Join Citizen Sense for a walk and workshop exploring potential solutions to air-pollution in London.

What to expect

Each year, over 9000 Londoners die as a result of breathing toxic air. In spite of the urgency of the air pollution crisis, we still have not implemented the change needed to create a pollution-free city. When faced with such a vast challenge, what role can citizens play in improving the air we breathe?

Led by Citizen Sense, this walk will focus on air quality in the city. During the walk, participants will monitor, analyse and discuss pollution levels at different locations. The walk will also introduce DIY tools and urban design techniques that can be used to promote healthier cities.

This event is part of Walking the City, a series exploring how the act of walking can create new ways of understanding, celebrating and re-imagining the city.

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Booking information

Adult: £18
Student/Concession: £15
Members: £15


Jennifer Gabrys

Jennifer Gabrys is Professor in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is Principal Investigator on Citizen Sense and AirKit, both funded by the European Research Council.

Citizen Sense

The Citizen Sense project investigates the relationship between technologies and practices of environmental sensing and citizen engagement. Citizen Sense is based at Goldsmiths, University of London. For more information on their current activities, see citizensense.net.