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Moulding Polystyrene with Silo Studio

Learn how to cast objects with polystyrene in this hands-on workshop with Silo Studio.

What to expect

Polystyrene is one of the most common forms of plastic, with several million tonnes produced each year. Often used in disposable packaging, cutlery and containers, polystyrene is often treated as a disposable product.

This workshop will explore how polystyrene might be used in a more sustainable way. In the session, you will learn how to make "Not So Expanded Polystyrene" using Silo Studio’s innovative moulding process. Led by Attua Aparicio Torino and Oscar Lessing, participants will design and create fabric moulds, fill with multi-colour material then heat to form a long-lasting object to take away with them

Participants will also have free entry to the Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition after the workshop.

Booking information

Adults: £35

Student/Concession: £25

Members: £25

Silo’s work is a mix of craft and technology, which aims to find new ways of making. The studio was formed by Attua Aparicio and Oscar Lessing when studying at the Royal College of Art, London. By developing and sharing their work in public via videos, demonstrations and workshops, Silo seek to inspire people to question how things are made, and to make more for themselves.

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