International Women’s Day: Wikipedia edit-a-thon

Tackle the under-representation online of women designers, architects and others in this free Wikipedia edit-a-thon with WikiD and guests.

What to expect

Following an introduction into editing articles on Wikipedia, this workshop will explore how online information can be improved on these visionary architects, designers, and others using the Design Museum’s library, exhibitions and online resources.

“History is not a simple meritocracy: it is a narrative of the past written and revised – or not written at all – by people with agendas ... But here is something that we can all do .... we can intervene to ensure the presence of women architects in online histories ... a primary site for making and preserving the cultural record.”

Despina Stratigakos, ‘Unforgetting Women Architects’, Places Journal, April 2016

WikiD editors volunteer around the world, on their laptops and wherever there is free wifi. This is a global effort to actively rewrite architecture and change the conventional story of our disciplines.

Booking information

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