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Magazines, journalists, graphics: A Short Course

With the digital publishing revolution well underway, what is the landscape like for design journalism and the designers behind it? This short course maps out the changing trends, covering the independent press through to Designs of the Years exemplars.

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Tickets include entry to the Designs of the Year exhibition before the course begins. Doors will open at 10:30. Lunch will not be served but light catering will be provided.

Never before have there been so many magazines fighting for your attention and the standard has never been higher. But turn back the clock a few years and the words on everybody’s lips were: ‘Print is dead.’ So, what happened?

The internet may have decimated mainstream publishing, but it’s never been easier to start a magazine and find an audience. The fierce competition between titles is pushing up production values and the quality of writing and art direction – even if the people putting magazines out there are still struggling to pay the bills. Yet within this there are a number of success stories many of which you will find in Designs of the Year.

With the digital publishing revolution well underway, this timely short course will map out the cultural shift covering changing trends, the independent press through to the impact of Designs of the Years exemplars.

Archivist Magazine


Archivist Magazine


Archivist Magazine

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Dal Chodha

London based fashion writer Dal Chodha is Editor of non-seasonal publication Archivist. A consultant to several luxury brands, he also works as a lecturer and contributes to various international titles including VOGUE India, Telegraph Magazine and Wallpaper*.

Jane Howard

After graduating with BA (Hons) in Fashion Design in 2000, Stylist Jane Howard worked in the studio of Hussein Chalayan and alongside Judith Clark. She then went on to work for David Bradshaw – followed by two years assisting Katie Grand at Louis Vuitton and POP magazine. She co-founded non-seasonal fashion journal Archivist in 2012 with Michael Harrison.

Sebastian White

Sebastian White is a founding partner and designer at Kellenberger–White, a London-based design practice that has produced work for Glasgow International, Dunne & Raby, Science Museum, Turner Contemporary and MIT Press. The studio designed the exhibition graphics and catalogue for the Design Museums Designs of the Year 2015.

Steven Watson

Steve Watson is the founder and director of Stack, the subscription service that sends out a different independent magazine every month. Before starting Stack, Steve was an editorial director, working with brands like Google, easyJet and the World Economic Forum.

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