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Impress your clients with an exclusive tour package, a workshop or some beautiful gifts from the Design Museum Shop! See below for details about our range of amazing offers.

Virtual Tours

The Design Museum is now offering a virtual tour of Margaret Calvert: Woman at Work. Our expert guides will provide your group with a unique experience online with personal insight into the exhibitions and the stories behind the designs and designers.

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Virtual Workshops

The Design Museum is now offering virtual bite-size workshops led by an Industry Expert with each exploring an exciting creative design process. With face to face events on hold, don't miss this opportunity to get together and learn a new skill.

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Design Gifts

Treat your guests to tailored gift solutions from the Design Museum Shop. Select from beautiful design items and books to complement your event at the Design Museum.

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Design for Business

The benefits of design thinking and design approaches to business are becoming increasingly documented. Leveraging the designer’s toolkit, businesses and business leaders are adopting an approach to problem-solving that prioritises user and customer needs, collaboration, fast prototyping and testing to unlock creativity and drive innovation across products, services, and strategies.

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