FOR 14 - 16 YEAR OLDS Young Design Museum

Ardagh Young Creatives 2022

A vibrant programme to create pathways into design for 14 – 16 year olds to experiment and imagine a better future together.

Creating pathways into design

The Design Museum recognises that the design world isn’t as visibly diverse as it should be and wants to make a positive change.

Each year, the Ardagh Young Creatives programme welcomes a group of young people aged 14-16 based in London from underrepresented groups to explore all aspects of design and how it can be used to help solve issues.

Working with established and emerging designers, the group learns about design processes and methods through hands-on workshops, conversations, collaboration and co-design. All of these efforts culminate in a live build in front of the design museum.

As part of the programme, participants also meet mentors who guide them towards a career in the creative industries, whatever path they choose.

Check @ardaghyoungcreatives to see past activities.


Our Lead Designers

Annie Nicholson (Fandangoe Kid)

Annie is the lead designer for Ardagh Young Creatives 2022 programme. Navigating personal stories of loss and grief, the London based print artist and filmmaker creates large-scale, narrative-driven pieces for the public realm and seeks to smash taboos around complex subjects such as trauma release, mental health and gender constructs. She currently runs a radio show on Soho Radio, 'The Grief Mixtape', following on from her book 'Tender Hearted Bold Moves', published by Rough Trade Books. Over 3 months, Annie will guide the young people and help them make their ideas a reality, to be displayed at the Design Museum. More about Annie.

Karen Jelenje

Karen is a designer and creative practitioner with a background in architecture and urban design and experience working for the public good. Her work is rooted in community development and through her organisation Activate The City!, she explores how young people can contribute to the design and improvement of overlooked places and spaces and make an impact in their local communities. She is also passionate about using art to engage more people in tackling global challenges like climate change, especially in the built environment. Karen will guide the young people to consider sustainability in terms of materials and the impacts they can have on their final project and beyond. More about Karen

Heba Tabidi

Heba is a practicing civil engineer, DJ and creative director who explores the intersection between technicality and creativity. Heba looks to explore how functional and efficient designs can bring joy and nurture communities, particularly within spatial design and the built environment. Heba is the founder of Space Black who are a practice working in the intersection between engineering and art. They focus on Designing cities and spaces centring people of colour. Space Black will run a workshop which will inform and inspire the young people on what it means to be in the world of Architecture. More about Space Black

Rayan Elnayal

Rayan is an architectural designer, artist and educator based in London. Her work is influenced by magic realist and futuristic narratives from Sudan, the SWANA region and its diaspora. Since graduating from the University of Greenwich, her work has been exhibited globally. Rayan has also acted as a guest critic and guest speaker on topics relevant to architectural design, digital art, and diversity. Rayan is the co-founder of Space Black who are a practice working in the intersection between engineering and art. They focus on Designing cities and spaces centring on people of colour.
More about Space Black

See our 2021 film

This is our 2021 film: Build week

This film was made during the 2021 programme’s final build week. The young people spent the week building a co-designed piece with designers RESOLVE collective to highlight and platform their voices.

Find out more about Ardagh Young Creatives 2021.

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The Design Museum Access

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Background image by Justine Trickett. Fandangoe Kid's portrait by Tara Darby.

Video: Filmed during the final build week of Ardagh Young Creatives 2021 Programme.
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