Participant Guide

ASMR requires quiet, calm and comfortable conditions. Consent is key. If you feel uncertain at any point, please let the visitor experience staff know. Similarly, please treat other visitors with consideration and respect.

I understand that:
• ASMR is highly individual and can be felt in different ways, to different intensities, between different people. It is also possible to feel nothing at all.
• The goal of the exhibition is to become more aware of what ASMR is and can be.
• ASMR does not commonly occur in group situations but the best experience will be possible when I feel comfortable, relaxed, and I am open-minded.

As a participant, I will:
• Acknowledge my own vulnerability
• Respect the vulnerability of others
• Be considerate of the ASMR performer(s)
• Listen to instructions and try my best to follow guidelines

If I am attending a performance, I will:
• Not use my smartphone during the course of the performance
• Not take photographs or film during the course of the performance
• Ask a visitor experience assistant for help if I feel uncomfortable