10 Unmissable Highlights from #ASMR_IRL

From mind-tickling motion graphics to an animated artificial tongue – here's 10 unmissable items from our exhibition.

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Wang & Söderström, Synthetic Crops, 2021

Experience ASMR triggered by movement in this mind–tickling motion graphic where artificial vegetables shake, shimmer, rustle, and pop in oddly satisfying ways.

BOB ROSS, Episodes from The Joy of Painting

Softly spoken words, the sounds of brushing and scratching, experience unintentional ASMR through the work of American painter Bob Ross, exhibited in the UK for the first time ever.

Definitions of ASMR by ASMRtists, 2020–22

Go inside the minds of ASMRtists with this new commission featuring a selection of short clips describing what ASMR means to them.

Tobias Bradford, that feeling/ immeasurable thirst, 2021

Discover how an inanimate object can trigger feelings and sensations whilst watching this disembodied artificial tongue drip with synthetic saliva.

Marc Teyssier, The Voice of Touch, 2022

Put on your headphones and touch, stroke, pinch or press this hyper-realistic artificial skin and see what vocal reaction you can trigger.

WhisperingLife ASMR, Whisper 1 – hello!

‘I know this might sound really weird to some, but I love hearing people whisper! So, I thought I would make a whispering channel.’ Gaining viral success, this video is considered to be the first whispering video uploaded onto Youtube.

SHU AND TREE, Cut hair grown for over two years

Watch this grooming video of dog’s first haircut in over two years. The precise and delicate sounds of scissors – a common ASMR trigger – has resulted in the YouTube video being picked up globally by ASMR fans.

Julie Rose Bower, Meridians Meet, 2022

Explore what ASMR means to you in this immersive space, and try your hand at creating calming soundscapes in one of our interactive stations.

Chris Milk, Sound for Vision, custom-built multi-channel binaural microphone used in Hello, Again, 2012

This unique binaural microphone was designed with 4 sets of ears to better capture sound from multiple directions all at once. Used in 2012 to create a VR experience, it captured musician Beck performing a version of David Bowie’s 1977 song, Sound and Vision, along with a 160-person orchestra, with sound fading in and out of each ear.

Neumann, KU 100 Dummy Head with Binaural Stereo Microphone, 1992

With ears on either side of the dummy head, this Neumann microphone has quickly become the go-to for ASMRrtists to record whispering, ear-cleaning and pampering sounds. Step into the shoes of an ASMRrtist and try it out for yourself.

Image Credits

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