Available from summer 2020

NEW OLD: touring exhibition

NEW OLD examines how innovation and design can reimagine how we live the later stages of our lives.

What’s in the exhibition?

Set against a backdrop of radical demographic change, the exhibition looks at how design can help people lead fuller, healthier and more rewarding lives into old age, asking the question: how can designers meet the challenge of a rapidly ageing society? From robotic clothing to driverless cars, this exhibition rethinks design approaches to ageing.

Curated by Jeremy Myerson, Helen Hamlyn Professor of Design at the Royal College of Art, the exhibition is organised into six sections - Ageing, Identity, Home, Community, Working and Mobility.

Alongside infographics, videos and existing physical exhibits, each section features a special design commission by a leading designer or design team. New projects by Yves Béhar /fuseproject, Konstantin Grcic, Future Facility, Special Projects, IDEO and Priestman Goode create solutions for demographic change and address the challenges of ageing.

Available from summer 2020

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Amazin Apartment with Amazin Service © Future Facility, photography by Luke Hayes

Aura © fuseproject, photography by Luke Hayes

ElliQ © Yves Béhar & fuseproject

Konstantin Grcic, Head in the Sky, 2016

New Old Fine Aged Spirit & Learn from Experience © Mother, Photography by Luke Hayes

Photography by Luke Hayes

Photography by Luke Hayes

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